Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The following pictures are a collection of all the photos we took during Soraya's 4 day ceremony and the few following days.  They were taken by Tony and Steve Pandola, Nik Crain, Emily Zelman, Linda Cassell and me.  Some of them are repeats from earlier posts.

As I look back at them I am still overwhelmed by the generosity of Ghing, Boom, Vit, Nu, Piak, Oye, and Yunn and many others, who all welcomed us into their country, their homes and opened their hearts to us.  They fed, housed, drove and organized many of us for many days and did it so graciously that it is hard for me to believe.  They took care of all of us while carefully constructing a ceremony that was the ultimate send-off for Soraya. We are all so grateful for their care and hospitality.  We owe them big time.    

Tony and I went back to Soraya's sala yesterday.  It was great to have such a lovely place to go and visit her.  Hopefully some of you can make it there someday.  

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Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for allowing us to share Soraya's send off. It was befitting only for Soraya. The images and photos evoke dignity,grace and beauty which was her hallmark.
I met Soraya in Jordan at an archaeological field school and was taken in by her charm. Even though we lost touch I thought of her often...who can forget that smile.